Press Release
The Future of Anti-Corruption Enforcement and Compliance in the Middle East

Corruption is a grave social problem afflicting every society, costing the global economy an estimated 2% of annual GDP. In recent years, authorities have been more vigilant in enforcing anti-corruption laws, working in partnership with non-profit organizations and the private to tackle persistent corruption at every stage of the supply chain, from vendors and intermediaries, to service providers and distributors. Nonetheless, Transparency International has noted that bribery and corruption remain serious issues in the Middle East, with multinational corporations most vulnerable to risk in the vigorous trans-national enforcement environment of 2018.

With the goal of assisting companies in designing and implementing anti-corruption compliance measures, Duxes will host the 4th Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2018 on November 14-15 in Dubai. The two-day event will gather policymakers, compliance officers, and legal experts, to share high-level knowledge on a wide range of content, including FCPA enforcement trends, the anti-corruption climate in major jurisdictions across the Middle East, best third party due diligence practices, policies for conducting internal investigations, risk management for marketing activities, and other important topics.

The 4th Anti-Corruption Compliance EMEA Summit 2018 furthers Duxes’ decade-long commitment to assisting companies in combating corruption, and facilitating exchange between private and public sector institutions. Professionals working in compliance, for law firms, consulting firms, and multinational corporations, or in related fields, are invited to attend.

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