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Uganda Launches New Anti-Corruption Drive

2019-01-29 15:07 Tuesday

Uganda has been plagued by persistent corruption for decades. In response, President Museveni has initiated a  new anti-corruption authority in an attempt to stamp out the worst effects of corruption on society.

Uganda Launches New Anti-Corruption Drive

Senior officials from the Tororo and Wakiso regions of Uganda were the first "victims" of the new anti-corruption unit, which is led by Edith Nakalema. The unit is tasked with complementing the functions of government prosecutors in the fight against corruption. A few days prior, four senior officials from Tororo and Wakiso were arraigned in a Kampala court on corruption charges.

The three suspects from Tororo include 46-year-old clerk Muzamil Akuma; Denis Okatch, 44, a municipal engineer, and Shadrach Etutu Ekoju, 46, the roads inspector for the Tororo municipal council.

All three are charged with a number of corruption offences, including conspiracy to defraud the government of Shs115 million, four counts of abuse of power and four counts of causing economic losses to the government.

At the same time, Herbert Kivuma is accused of soliciting a Shs720,000 bribe from Allan Asimwe to approve his plan. Kivuma is a senior physical planner for the Kasaganti Town Council in Wakiso district.

Prosecutors say Mr. Kivuma refused to approve Mr. Asiimwe's house plan until he  received the money. The suspects denied all charges before Chief Justice Pamela Lamunu Ocaya. Mr. Okatch and Mr. Ekoju were released on a Shs7 million cash bond secured by 50 million shilling in non-cash bonds.

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