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Britain Established A Prison Anti-Corruption Unit

2019-05-20 09:37 Monday

A new anti-corruption unit (Counter Corruption Unit) was set up in early May to pursue corruption suspects in prisons in England and Welsh.

Team members will work closely with law enforcement agencies to investigate and combat crime and bring more cases against those who cause harm while in prison.

It is vital that the new taskforce will protect the vast majority of honest, hard-working prison and probation staff. It would take action to ban the smuggling of illegal items into prisons and acts of violence that obstruct community oversight of offenders.

Prison Anti-Corruption Unit

Justice Secretary David Gauke said: "Our prison staff are very dedicated and honest and do their best to maintain security and order for our prisons. However, we have seen from recent criminal prosecutions that a small number of people continue to engage in corrupt practices in our prisons, undermining the integrity of the system and their professions."

In addition, he said the British government is determined to eliminate all forms of crime in prisons, and will ensure that the groups involved are fully covered, and focus on prison security and rehabilitation, ultimately making the public and society safer.

Corruption in British prisons is said to range from staff with links to prisoners to smuggling drugs and contraband for individual prisoners or organized crime groups.

The new unit complements the prison security team, which has been able to conduct searches of staff, including using metal detectors and baggage scanners.

The work, which will be coordinated with the HM Prison Service, reflects how corruption can spread beyond the prison walls, sometimes criminal leaders are involved in planning activities from their cells.

The new team also brings a 70 million investment from the UK government to improve overall prison security and safety. This includes new security scanners, improved search technology and phone interception technology. In addition, the team has a financial crimes unit - responsible for identifying and seizing assets related to crimes.

The team emerged against a backdrop of rising numbers of prison officers. The prison has added more than 4,700 officers since October 2016, the highest number since 2012.

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