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Survey reveals that Corruption is on the Rise in Germany

2018-11-05 11:00 Monday

In 2017, consulting firm Ernst & Young conducted a survey tracking the prevalence of corruption around the world. The survey involved interviews of  4,100 senior executives from 41 jurisdictions who had come across fraud, including 100 interviewees in Germany. More than two-fifths of the German executives interviewed indicated that they regularly encounter bribery and corruption in their business activities.

Germany corruption

According to reports from the German media, 43% of senior executives in Germany believe that bribery and corruption are widespread in their country, a far higher figure indicated than in previous surveys. Surveys in 2013 and 2015  found that only  30% and 26% of executives had maintained that corruption was widespread. had . This makes the results in 2017 especially alarming.

The head of EY's Fraud Investigation and Dispute Coordination Service (FIDS) noted that the change was mainly due to a string of prominent corruption scandals in recent years, including those related to price manipulation, the Volkswagen emissions scandal, and manipulation of the LIBOR (London Interbank Offered Rate). The fallout from these cases has been catastrophic, erasing much of the goodwill achieved through anti-corruption and compliance efforts by German companies.

Although the  survey indicates that the prevalence of corruption in Germany is higher than ideal, it is still below the survey's averageof 51%..The most corrupt countries identified in the survey were Ukraine (88%), Cyprus (82%), Greece and Slovakia (both at 81%), while the top-ranking countries were the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland. The designation of least corrupt country belongs to Denmark, where only 6% of respondents encountered corruption and bribery in their business activities.

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